Don't Pay Through the Roof for a Roof Replacement

Don't Pay Through the Roof for a Roof Replacement

Save time and money by hiring a GAF-certified roofer in Leominster, MA

If your roof is leaking, deteriorating or more than 20 years old, it might be time to replace it. Universal J & S Construction, Inc. will handle your roof replacement from start to finish. When you hire us, you'll rest easy knowing you're working with a GAF-certified roofer in Leominster, Massachusetts.

Find out just how much money you could save on your roof replacement. Call 774-330-6612 today for a free estimate.

Your roof replacement will only take a day

Forget everything you've heard about replacing your roof. When you hire a GAF-certified roofer at Universal J & S Construction, you can own a new roof in no time. Our installation process is simple:

  • Step one: We'll strip away your shingles and underlying roofing materials so we can start with a clean slate.
  • Step two: If your roof deck is rotten, we'll replace it to protect your property against water damage.
  • Step three: We'll install a snow, ice and water barrier to keep your attic sealed tight.
All you have to do is schedule an appointment. Contact Universal J & S Construction in Leominster, MA today.